About you:

You are a professional with at least three years’ work experience, possible many more. You feel you are at a turning point in your career but you are unsure which way to turn. Maybe you are comfortable with your current situation but sometimes wonder if there isn’t more to life. You remain unsatisfied, unfulfilled.

You can imagine yourself poised at the edge of a cliff looking across to the other side of a deep ravine where new adventures might lie, but you are uncertain how to cross, unsure what lies ahead and reluctant to take the first step.

You may feel that your current work is not allowing you to use your innate talents. Perhaps you are unsure what your innate talents are, or if you even have any.

You know instinctively that you have much more to give and think that, if only you were given the opportunity, you could accomplish almost anything.

In fact:

You are exactly at the point in your life that you are supposed to be now. Everything that has happened to you in the past, for good and for bad, has created the person you are today.

You already possess all the resources you will ever need to reach your full potential, and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

The only thing missing is a decision on what you intend to do next. This can be a confusing and frightening prospect, but consider that growth only occurs outside the comfort zone, when we try something new. You can choose to stay comfortable or make the choice to take a first step forward.

About you

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